How to tame your Dragon Part 9 of 10/ STUBBORNNESS


These real “problems” (i.e. opportunities for growth) I’ve covered in this series, and the solutions I suggested are signposts for you to consider as you strive to enhance your unique abilities to lift your spirit and general wellness. This next one is probably the opposite of the last topic we covered.


Real problem #9: Stubbornness

Hmm. I think it’s fair to say that a great many of us experience a bout of this every now and then. It is a time when we dig our heels and refuse to even consider that a situation could actually be different than what we perceive it to be.

Stubbornness can be more consistent when one becomes incapable of re-evaluating a situation or a statement that we disagree with. In a case such as this, changing our mind is out of the question, and forget about admitting that we were wrong!

Dragon taming step #9: Wisdom and humility

The adage that the definition of insanity is to insist on taking the same road heading for the same disaster could probably be applied to a lifelong refusal to expand one’s perspective.

Here are a few ways to break free from stubbornness:

  1. Developing a healthy curiosity
  2. Searching for new information
  3. Broadening our horizon every day
  4. Staying alert and mindful to be flexible
  5. Becoming more open to other points of view
  6. Exploring our creativity

When presented with a different point of view or facing circumstances that are new and perhaps a bit uncomfortable, instead of resisting, we can make a minor adjustment and map out a trajectory that will bring us a feeling of peace and well being. If you deem some situation as unacceptable, then it is your right to speak your mind or take whatever action is appropriate for you. But once that’s done, you have a responsibility to yourself, to your health, and only you have the power to regain your sense of calm.

When all is said and done, it is better to admit that we were wrong than to live with the stress of trying to prove we are right. A little humble pie never hurt anyone!


See you on the path of healing and beyond,



Canadian author Marianne Granger lives with ME/CFS. She is a Life/Wellnes Coach and the author of Higher Maintenance, a self-help book published by Balboa Press.

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